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March 10, 2010 Partner Meeting

Partner meeting to determine the criteria for selecting cooperating teachers
March 10 from 11-2, in Brooklyn Center

This third meeting reviewed the current flyer for TERI and our discussions thus far about the nature of PDSs. Then discussion moved into how to identify current strong Teaching Mentors who have great relationships with students and successful track records of achievement. In relation to our assumptions about PDSs, what does this mean for the role and goals of the teachers?

Benefits and expectations for Teaching Mentors and PDSs were reviewed and added to, and then more specific questions were discussed:

1. How should Teaching Mentors be recruited?
2. How should the process be guided?
3. What language can we use for "cooperating teacher" and "student teacher" and other teachers in the PDS?

Finally, participants discussed the development of partnerships and the memorandum of agreement.

March 4, 2010 Partner Meeting

Partner Meeting to determine the criteria for selecting school sites
Thursday, March 4 from 10-12, in Minneapolis

Participants at this second meeting first reviewed decisions and discussions from the previous meeting regarding PDSs and the range of relationships between Institutes of Higher Education and partnership schools and districts. Then discussion moved into recommendations on ways to identify clinical placements that assure strong models of practice. Research indicates that more extended time in schools with increasing responsibility is key to preparing excellent teachers, as is collaboration with a Teaching Mentor and partnering school where the Teaching Candidate has a community of practice and can immediate relate his/her coursework to the school context.

Next, participants talked about identifying Teaching Mentors and building strong relationships with Teaching Candidates, and official documentation of partnerships between the University and schools (memoranda of agreement).

Topics included:

  • Benefits and expectations of Teaching Mentors and partnership schools
  • Professional development offered; what could this look like?
  • Induction for new teachers?
  • Expectations of schools, districts, and the university?

February 23, 2010 Partner Meeting

Partner meeting to define the range of Professional Development School (PDS) partnerships
Tuesday, February 23 from 10-12pm, in Forest Lake

This meeting first reiterated the larger goals of providing high quality clinical experiences to Teaching Candidates. The assumptions of PDSs as discussed during a TERI retreat in January were reviewed, and new assumptions were put forth for discussion. While TERI Partnerships represent one model of for clinical experiences that is wrapped around the school context, some Teaching Candidates will be placed in PDS schools, while others will be placed in existing partnership schools.

At this meeting, participants discussed the five standards that characterize PDSs and varying degrees of commitments from partnership schools. These degrees are classified as beginning, developing, at standard, and leading levels

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