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In the TERI Partner Network, we're working to have conversations around the rubrics and training of teacher evaluators. A recent interview with Charlotte Danielson speaks to many of the issue that have been raised as we explore evaluation rubrics currently in use, or newly developed. Please read:

Straight Up Conversation: Teacher Eval Guru Charlotte Danielson

TERI Partner Network 2011-2012

TERI Partner Network 2011-2012

Co-teaching Specialists Training and Workshops

As we ramp up our readiness to roll out co-teaching for pre-service clinical experiences in elementary education and some secondary and K-12 licensure programs this Fall 2011, we're preparing ~30 TERI Partner Network specialists to deliver professional development and support the new model at PDS and CCS sites. Twelve new co-teaching specialists completed the two day workshop on May 2-3, 2011. While the second new group of fifteen co-teaching specialists is completing training on June 15-16, the first twelve co-teaching specialists will be meeting to collaboratively design the first "Pairs Workshops" to be provided at school/district sites to the cooperating teachers and UMN-TC teacher candidates.
Specialists may choose to attend (either the afternoon of August 25 or the morning of August 26th) the Co-teaching Foundations workshop presented by Nancy Bacharach and Teresa Heck to UMN-TC teacher candidates, cooperating teachers and university supervisors. The event, hosted by TERI at the elementary education program's opening workshop week, will serve as our kick off to the co-teaching model in elementary PDS and CCS school sites.


Tara Anderson (FL), Jehanne Beaton (UMN-TC/MPS), Michelle Bierman (SPPS), Ronald Burris (FL), Kathy Byrn (UMN-TC), Shannon Chase (EMID), Stacy Collins (EMID), Rachael Conner (WBL), Amy Corrigan (EMID), Stacy Ernst (UMN-TC), Ellen Gevers (WBL), Lisa Hinz (BC), Amy Jo Lundell (UMN-TC), Greg Keith (EMID), Randy Koch (BC), Mary Mandel (BC), Lee McGrath (WBL), Tiffany Moore (MPS), Jodi O'Donovan (WBL), Sally Parsons (WBL), Megan Perron (WBL), Mark Russo (EMID), Kathy Seifert (UMN-TC), Bob Utke (UMN-TC), Jennifer Tolzmann (FL), Patsy Vinogradov (UMN-TC), Karen Wallrich (WBL), and Barbara Wieland (BC).


District/CEHD TERI Contracts and 2010-2011 TERI Funds

All six district partners will have received their TERI funds and reimbursements for the 2010-2011 academic year by the end of June, 2011. Thank you for submitting your invoices this spring for substitute/reserve teachers needed this past year. The Scope of Work Agreements (SoWAs) are underway in many partner PDS schools. Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with each district are in review this summer as well for 2011-2012. TERI funds ($20,000 per district) for 2011-2012 will be distributed this fall to each district as the new agreements are signed. Thank you for your ongoing support with facilitating conversations about these documents through open processes with your teacher unions, school boards, administrative teams, communities, and school sites.

Common Content Curriculum & Assessment Development Teams

Six teams consisting of university and school-based faculty in the TERI Partner Network are meeting this summer to develop, integrate and align the new Great Lessons within the redesigned curriculum and assessment model. Partner feedback provided this past year, and again this summer, will help to inform the process and design. Each team is including and paying for the work of at least one school partner. Please encourage school-based faculty and/or administrators who are approached by UMN-TC faculty to be involved in this summer work and contribute their knowledge to the redesign work. My EDRC colleague, Elizabeth Finsness (, is the contact for further information about this process. You or your colleagues may hear from her this summer about another opportunity in August to provide feedback as we finalize the new course structures and assessments for approval processes here. Feel free to contact her with your questions or recommendations.

We'd like to thank our school partners representatives (David Law, WBL; Randy Koch, BC; Amy Corrigan, EMID; Tiffany Moore, MPS; and Ron Burris, FL) for meeting with the TERI leadership team, Ivan Charner of AED, and CEHD's Dean Quam on June 2, 2011. Thank you for your ongoing feedback and engagement in the redesign initiative. If you're curious about what we've accomplished this past year in the network, specific to partnership development, visit our blog at: As you know, we absolutely cannot do this work without you!

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