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Common Content Task Group

Elizabeth Finsness chaired the Common Content Task Group through the summer toward the goal of redesigning the current foundations of education courses to more strongly link to program-specific course work and assignments, to re-think the curricular experiences of our candidates within these courses, and to propose some structural / scheduling suggestions for delivering common content courses / modules / clinical experiences.

Eight course development teams worked over the summer to draft syllabi for new and revised courses.

  1. Susan Ranney, Connie Walker, Martha Bigelow, and Jill Pearson (Brooklyn Center Schools) developed Teaching English Learners in Content Classes.
  2. Dee Tedick, Kathleen Mitchell, and Amy Young created a new course for Elementary Education on teaching English learners.
  3. Kathy Seifert, Jennifer Wilson, Mary Beth Kelly, Barb Hodne (Edina Public Schools) revised the course for teaching special education students in inclusive classrooms.
  4. Sashank Varma, Russel Swinborne Romine, Tiffany Moore (Minneapolis Public Schools) revised the Leraning, Cognition, and Assessment course.
  5. Keisha Varma, Michael Rodriguez. Anica Bowe, and Tiffany Moore (Minneapolis Public Schools) created new approaches to teaching about assessment.
  6. Vichet Chhoun, Tanner Wallace (Univ of Pittsburgh), and Martha James (St. Paul Public Schools) developed a child and adolescent development course.
  7. David O'Brien, Brad Biggs, Chris Kolb, and Andrew Rummel (Minneapolis Public Schools) revised the reading in the content areas course.
  8. Michael Goh, Peter Demerath, and Amy Corrigan (East Metro Integration District) created a new approach to teaching School and Society and Human Relations.

Program areas were briefed on the content of these courses at the August LSP kick-off meeting and submitted feedback on the core assignments within the new courses. Revised syllabi have all been resubmitted to Elizabeth. We are now poised to move 3 new course proposals and one revised course proposal through a formal curriculum review process (see flow chart at end of this update).

Licensure program summer engagement
Four program areas (social studies, English, music, and agriculture) met over the summer to work out details of the new course expectations, co-teaching, and embedding the Teacher Performance Assessment. Our two undergraduate initial licensure programs, music education and agriculture education, met to organize TERI redesign of common content courses with their undergraduate schedule.

Teacher Identity Self Study (TISS) and Professional Rotations
Annie Mason drafted the prompts for the new Teacher Identity Self Study (TISS) as part of her work in supporting the TERI Leadership Team in 2011-12. She is now doing a pilot study of the new prompts, examining their face and content validity and developing scoring rubrics. Jehanne Beaton drafted the Professional Rotation common assessment as part of an independent study course in summer 2011. Both the TISS and the Professional Rotations will be embedded in the new course EDHD 5000: Culture, Schools, and Communities.

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