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Welcome Arien Telles as Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
In spring 2011, we hired Arien Telles as our new Recruitment and Retention Coordinator in Student Services. Arien will work with the Bush Foundation on their large scale recruitment into teaching efforts. She will also work with groups across the university and our communities on efforts focused on diversifying our teacher candidate pool. In these efforts, we are seeking teacher candidates who bring with them an array of lived experiences in a variety of cultural settings, a variety of world views, and who have lived in multi-lingual settings. Our goal in diversifying our teacher candidate pool is to identify potential teachers who will work successfully in classrooms with learners who bring a diverse set of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic world experiences. We will recruit teachers who will strengthen the learning of students by being able to relate to their diverse lived experiences and ways of learning. We increasingly recognize that we live in a global society and we think the teaching profession should represent global perspectives in the classrooms in which they teach.

Welcome Jontue Austin as a recruitment specialist in Student Services

In spring 2011, Jontue Austin was hired to recruit and advise students interested in teacher education programs at the University of Minnesota. Although he works with all students, one of his priorities is to recruit diverse students into the field of teaching.

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