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Meeting Notes

TERI Partner Network Day: Perspectives

Martha Bigelow moderated an exciting, celebratory panel of recent graduates from CEHD to hear from each their perspectives on how TERI has impacted each as a new teacher. Panelists included Jennifer Eik, Second Languages and Cultures '13, currently teaching at Roosevelt High School; Callie Moylan, Elementary Education '13, currently teaching at Lucy Laney K-8; and Ahmed Amin, Social Studies '11, currently teaching at Roosevelt High School.


Panelists Jennifer Eik, Callie Moylan, and Ahmed Amin discuss their experiences.

What they said:

"What has prepared me for my teaching was first, and foremost, the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) that we did in the Great Lessons in the Post Bacc program. We did a lot of identity work and at first, I was resistant... because I just felt like 'what's the relevance' and 'this isn't what I signed up for.' But we did a lot of work on: how we viewed the world, what biases we walked into the classroom with, and how that affects our instruction. Now, looking back on that year, I have to say it was one of the most positively influential years of my life. I learned so much about myself and that's positively influenced my first year of teaching as I've been able to reflect... be more conscious and aware of how I view my students and how I should change my instruction too."
- Jennifer Eik

"I can attribute my success to the edTPA which very comparable to the Standards of Effective Instruction (SOEI) in Minneapolis Public Schools... the rubrics are almost identical and so having to go through the edTPA and really think about how to create and film a high quality lesson.... That really helped me a lot for as far as knowing what to do, what to have ready, and how to prepare my class. Also, my success as a white teacher in a predominately black school is that-- as my principal says -- 'you have to be comfortable with yourself'... and I know I'm a white teacher in a predominately black school but I'm here for the right reason, I'm ready to teach, I want to teach these kids, I believe in these kids, I know they're smart, and I hope that that attitude is what is reflected in my students' achievements."
- Callie Moylan

"By having Jehanne there, placed as the TERI school liaison... doing some work with teachers in research partnerships there on critical pedagogy she came into my class and took that research opportunity to really transformed it so it was student centered and students were creating authentic intellectual work. We were doing fabulous work by the end of that research opportunity.... Having Jehanne there and people like Jenna has really helped my development and has turned around plenty of other classrooms at Roosevelt High school. It's sort of an invaluable experience having the student teachers come in and see how those methods they're learning in their program are actually being practiced in the classroom. I think that helps them out also."
- Ahmed Amin

TERI Partner Network Day: Induction Partnerships

At the December 13 event, there was a breakout session on Induction: Mentoring and Support for new teachers. The session focused on the important role of liaisons to support the induction continuum from pre-service through in-service. Currently, there are six liaisons in partner district schools; Highland Park Middle and Senior High, Southwest High, Earle Brown Elementary, Dowling Elementary, Hall Elementary and Lucy Laney Elementary.


Breakout session participants discuss TERI partnerships.

The liaisons' role is to supervise, mentor and support the teacher candidates and coach the cooperating teachers as mentors. They observe practice, support co-teaching, and hold new teacher support sessions. All of the liaisons are assigned to work at one site and focus on supporting teacher development by working with the leadership teams, supporting PLC's and offering PD sessions.

The liaisons were able to share stories of success and challenges during the session. A highlight was when one liaison shared that she had co-observed a teacher candidate teaching a lesson with the cooperating teacher. During the post-conference, she shared with the teacher candidate that she could continue to grow in the area of differentiation. The cooperating teacher said that he could also work on differentiation strategies, so they could do it together. This story shows the impact that coaching from liaisons can have on both pre-service and in-service teachers.

Current liaisons: Tiffany Moore (MPS/UMN-TC Induction Coordinator); Marjorie Nadler (Lucy Laney Liaison), Mary Mandel (Earle Brown Liaison), Shaun Flandrick (Southwest Liaison), Danaya Franke (Highland Park Jr/Sr. Liaison).

TERI Partner Network Day: Progress Report

Deborah Dillon, TERI's co-PI and Associate Dean of Graduate, Professional, and International Programs in CEHD, presented an overview of our progress on areas of focus as a network these past 3-4 years. 2013TERI_PartnerNetworkEventDec13.pdf
2013TERI_PartnerNetworkEventDec13 (1)_Page_03.jpg

TERI Partner Network Day: Collaborative Conversations

103 individuals registered to attend the TERI Partner Network Day on Friday, December 13th. Nearly half of the attendees were district and school level teams from our six partner districts (Brooklyn Center, Columbia Heights, Forest Lake, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and White Bear Lake). One of our charter partner sites, Laura Jeffrey Academy, was also represented. Download agenda for details: December13_2013FinalAgendaShortVersion.pdf


CEHD dean Jean Quam started the day by welcoming all participants and identifying what each has contributed to the TERI Partner Network in the last 3-4 years. She expressed gratitude to each in an overview. Read below or download here: DeanQuamGratitude4TERIDecember13_2013.pdf

Notes from Bush Summit Meeting I

CEHD stakeholders met on June 25 to discuss future TERI directions. Notes from that meeting can be viewed here.

TERI - Task Force Meeting Notes

All minutes from the 2009 TERI Task Force meetings are located on the "Documents" list of the TERI intranet site here.

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