Cart before the horse?

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I think that much of what I'm taking out of my time in Treks Explore is that I shouldn't be forcing myself to identify technology and then see how I can use it. I need to be thinking about my teaching needs/outcomes for learning, etc., and then see if there is a technology out there that can meet those needs. In many cases I might have to realize that the technology can be a barrier instead of a facilitator.

When I take this tact I start getting more ideas about what might be nice to include in my course that I haven't thought about doing in the past. Then once the idea is more set, I have learned that there is technology that can meet my needs.

Perhaps the goal of Treks was to introduce us to technology, but what I'm finding is that one of the benefits has been to discuss with colleagues how they are teaching and what they do to engage students, and then together we are all troubleshooting how to use technology in an efficient manner to meet those needs.


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