Day 2: Opportunities

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The title of the day "opportunities" reflects my thoughts about the day. I sign up for the workshop primarily to learn what opportunities there were for the class that I would be teaching for the first time this fall. I wanted to learn more about Moodle. I got a feel for it today and know that Patrick Cheek, our tech person will be there to help guide me more specifically at a later time. I have gained much from discussion with others in the class, hearing answers to their questions, hearing about their experiences. So, although, I won't have my class website set up by the end of the week like I had originally planned, i am getting all kinds of ideas/pitfalls to watch etc. for the integration of teaching and technology.

Perhaps it is a good thing that the work of the workshop will continue over the process of the next year. Incorporating these technologies takes a long time and time and energy. I certainly will not be able to incorporate all my ideas by the fall teaching because I am still working on the restructuring of the class. I think that it will be good for me to do that plus develop a class website. It appears to me that these technology ideas take time and they will gradually have to be introduced into the course as I have time to develop them. So I have learned about many opportunities today that will take more time and energy to incorporate. However, i am also learning about resources that I might consult to do so.

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