Endless opportunities!

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Day Two of Explore Trek has helped me see there are endless opportunities for integrating technology into my KIN3131: History and Philosophy course this fall. Given this is the first time I will teach the course and it's not my emphasis in KIN, I still need to sift through the content to know exactly HOW I will connect technoloy.

Despite lacking the specifics, I still see creating a historical sport timeline (I am hoping it can be complete with video examples, text, and photos) as a study tool, using VideoAnt (which also means using Media Mill for video storage) for students to use critical thinking to apply course concepts to video clips (likely modern clips in order to enhance connection of the past and abstract concepts with relevant events surrounding my students today). I also envision switching course management platforms--moving from WebVista to Moodle--this fall. Moodle will provide my students with the opportunity to engage in out-of-class discussions and/or blogging (I have yet to decide which) about class topics. I still need to work out the structure of using these tools, but I think this will come as I understand the content in more depth and learn more specifics about the tools.

The aforementioned technology-KIN3131 class connections are just a few of the opportunities I saw today! I leave with a mind reeling with endless ideas, as well as an enormous excitement to put the ideas into practice soon!

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