endless possibilities, but no direct path

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Today was an interesting day. It isn't often that one has the opportunity to interface with so many IT professionals all at once. In our morning small groups, we had the opportunity to simply explore ideas. It was comforting to know that just about any idea our group had can be enhanced by technology. The frustrating part of the first day was that we didn't really have a sense of how to reach those goals. I am sure that this week will provide us with many more opportunities.

At the end of the day I learned about a new program called Video Ant. This is a program that allows for captioning of video clips. I really liked this idea. In my teaching I really like to use You Tube clips. There are multiple opportunities for using field-based videos to reinforce ideas from class. The captioning function allows for not only enhanced teaching, but enhanced access for students. I am specifically thinking of my international students and students who may have slight hearing impairments. The captions reinforce what is on the video, aiding with comprehension. Perhaps this was not a specific purpose of Video Ant, but I will use it!

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