From Overwhelmed to Opportuned!

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As I sat through each minute of Day One of Explore Trek, I began to breathe a bit more slowly and deeply. I entered the day with a lot of anxiety around technology--most likely due to the many times I have frozen and "crashed" computers and had my you tube links imbedded in PowerPoint not open in front of the entire class. Though I am one of those "20-somethings" who should know something about technology, clearly I struggle....(perhaps this makes me even more anxious--I am expected to know a thing or two and I know little). This struggle has turned into me feeling overwhelmed at times; though it has also pushed me to come here today and enhance my abilities!

As I sat through today not only did my anxiety lessen and my breathing steady, but I began moving from feeling overwhelmed to opportuned (not sure if this is a real word, but the best description I can come up with). First, I realized I am not the only one struggling with how to navigate the waters of technology--there are many others like me! This is inspiring to me--I am not alone! Second, I realized that there is such a range of technology. I've always felt that I needed to do something grand (i.e., create some website or long video) for it to be technological, but simply posting a video can count, too! Third (and I think this part that makes me most excited), I realized how relevant technology is for my classroom. My philosophy is that learning must be active, and technology provides an additional and excellent platform for this to occur!

For instance, just on Day One I see myself perhaps creating a critical thinking model where students can integrate course concepts in my history and philosophy of sport class with relevant current events. I also envision possibly creating an interactive sport history timeline with streamlined video (and possibly a discussion platform). I also see that VideoANT could be helpful for student, peer, and instructor feedback on group presentations, which are a component of the class. Needless to say, just based on Day One I see many opportunities for integrating technology into my classroom. I am excited for the week to learn many more, as well as meet many more of you inspirational Trekers--both of which move me from feeling overwhelmed to opportuned!

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