Hope for Hurdling Barriers

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I absolutely loved Cassie Scharber's "Honoring and Hurdling Barriers to Technology Integration" presentation today! She was very entertaining and informative, as well as a great model of how to incorporate technology into a presentation. At the start of the presentation Cassie had us list the barriers we face when it comes to integrating technology. My list grew fairly long, and included things like time, fear of the unknown, lack of knowledge about technology tools and "correct" uses for them in my class, etc. As I sat looking at my list, I realized that most of my barriers were internal and not external or pedagological. I found this so interesting--I am the one holding myself back! It's my internal struggle with technology that has been my issue all along! This is something I was aware of on the first day; I even discussed my anxiety with technology in my first day blog. However, I didn't realize the extent to which I maintained internal barriers--thanks for opening my eyes, Cassie! Now that I have pinpointed where my major barriers lie (in me!), I am excited to implement Cassie's strategies, as well as the many techniques I've learned throughout this week (many of them that I've discussed with all of you), to jump the internal hurdles I face! I can't wait to see the outcome of the "race"!

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