Ideas Galore

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Today in small groups (with my partner in crime, Pat), I was able to get some excellent information about Wiki's, Video Ant, and Media Mill. The wiki, in particular, prompted me to think of many new possibilities for technology integration in the social studies methods courses. For example, a wiki can be set up to jigsaw the Students with Special Needs assignment and also for workshops where (home)groups of students can "workshop" their lesson plans, offering constructive criticism to peers. In addition, the VideoAnt application can be used to enhance the video assignments that students perform in both the fall and spring semesters for CI 5742 and CI 5744. In fact, one whole day of "workshopping" can be used to implement VideoAnt technologies for the videos.

I am excited to have had another day of "playing" with various technologies, and I am learning about myself that I do not necessarily enjoy being talked at as a learner. This had been my primary way of taking in information in the past, but clearly, I have evolved ... at least to some degree:)

Looking forward to tomorrow when I will focus more on taking all these ideas and putting them in a more "ACTION plan" format!

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