I'm Sold on Google (Sites)!

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Wow--another jammed packed day of learning and playing with so many different technology tools! My favorite tool of the day was Google!!! Google has everything--e-mail, calendars, chatting, discussion platforms, document sharing, website creation, and so much more! I saw endless possibilites as I sat talking with Angela and the other members of my group. I became especially excited about the use of Google sites with my history and philosophy class!

My students are expected to write a 4-5 page athlete biography paper, and now I anticipate my students also creating a website in Google sites based on their paper to highlight their athlete. The websites are a fun way for each student to share information about their athletes in more depth (i.e., they can upload pictures, video footage, etc.), as well as to promote discussion about the athletes (as there is a discussion tool students can use). Angela (who, by the way, was so patient with me as we talked about the many options of Google sites) and I even built an example website help for this assignment! We had a great time putting it together, and within 20 minutes we had a rough version of the website up! I think my students will love this addition to the assignment! I can't wait to explore even more of what Google sites (and Google in general have to offer), as well as see what my students think of the project as I implement it this fall!

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