Inspired by my Social Studies Partner

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I came into this TREKS program thinking that I'd be involved with making CI 5745: Engaging Youth with Social Studies Text, a hybrid course. I'm leaving with something very different, and much more inspired. During the course of the day's class, Pat came up with several ideas about how to infuse various technologies into some of our core classes. For example, she suggested that after reading about various authors in class, I might arrange for the class to Skype with them so that we could get to "know" them better. This might include some question/answer time or just viewing a videotaped response from the individual(s).

Another idea that Pat shared had to do with using Video Ant ... something that before today I had never heard of. We could collect videos of students during their student teaching and offer annotated feedback for them to see. The key for me is to be next to a person who immediately (so it seems) comes up with ideas on how to implement practical uses for the technologies that we will use. This kind of enthusiasm will help me overcome my hesitation and help me gain confidence.

All that said, I am SO looking forward to "playing" with some examples for technology during tomorrow's session.

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