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Treks Explore Day One has inspired me in many ways. I am coming away with so many exciting ideas, yet still focused on learning and integrating tools for video assessment for CI 5925, one of my student teaching seminars.I see the excellent opportunties for students to self-assess and peer assess student teaching videos using Media Mill and Video Ant. I also see the relevance of this project as it relates to the common assessment that is being developed for all the initial licensure programs.
One of the challenges I face is determining the details for the student teaching videos. Currently, students are required to video tape 3 sequential lessons, ideally 3 days in a row. Students are then asked to share 10 minutes with the cohort for peer feedback.In addition students provide me with their student teaching DVDs, which I review and provide written feedback. I'm not sure how to structure the video assignment that will now involve self and peer feedback, as well as instructor feedback using Video Ant. I look forward to learning more tomorrow!

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