Last Day!

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Today Tech Training ends. I am in a great place!! I never expected it to be so fruitful. I got on track with a couple of projects early in the week, and today I have two wonderful assignments and a first draft of all of my IRB materials for students' original research project. Moreover, the other 1281 professors seemed interested in using the research assignment. So maybe over 300 undergraduates will exposed to using the CEHD Survey Tool fall semester. Moreover, with Moodle Wiki my students will have the opportunity to consider engaged research as they identify a social issue they care about and create a website addressing it. Great week! I am on my way.

Annnd, today I finally saw how I can use clickers to spice up my class. One more new technology tool I'll will use at least once fall semester. It's a great way to have a more interactive Quiz Bowl. I am diving in!!! Twenty-first Century, here I am.

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