Possibilities becoming reality

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Two of the main questions I had coming to Treks were answered (for the most part) today, First, I realize the advantages of using UM Connect compared to Skype for my guest speakers. UM Connect allows my guest speakers to also show content and computer screens in addition to their face to face presentation with the students. However, the most important aspect is that the presentation can be saved and saved in Moodle. This is a great service for the students in regards to making up assignments and going back to check facts.

In my first year at the U, I used Web Vista for my classroom management. The process of switching to "moodle" did create some "angst" within me. Working with the Trek staff today eliminated most if not all the angst. Although both systems have pros and cons, the moodle system does provide some definite benefits to the students in managing the class.

I hope I have time in the next three days to get more information on "Archiving & Accessing Digital Media" and "Interacting with Wiki".

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