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There are a number of possibilities to upgrade my courses (3) this fall, as well as feature new technology in the four new courses being developed for BME.

The increased use of Skype and UM Connect will allow me to have experts through the US and Europe to speak to my students on current topics.

In addition, we will save these presentations for future students and students who missed the original classes.

Another issue is continue to bring more practical and interactive content to the courses - the ideas of using video &/or power point to create a student learning experience where their decisions influences what happens next in the exercise.

Additional real life "game playing" can also be created. Using my experiences in Lake Jovita can create a "game" for the new Real Estate Process class being developed.

The use of the ATS link can also help me upgrade the Quiz (Trivia) activity already being used in SMGT 3462.

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