The Grand Finale!

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Today, we heard all the MANY ideas generated from the week that will be IMPLEMENTED in the weeks/months to come ... very cool stuff! Now, I'll be the first to admit that sitting through 17 mini-presentations was not the coolest thing I've ever done, but WOW ... what great ideas my peers have! I had heard many of them during the course of the week, but there were new ideas mentioned as well. In particular, I loved Rayla's idea of bringing Target Field into her classroom in a virtual 3-D way and Steve's idea of using a flip phone at conferences to interview folks (scholars in the field) and then use those interviews in the classroom. Good stuff!

As this will be my final entry for this blog, I definitely wish to thank Dave for ALL the work he and the IT Fellows put into making this week possible. In addition, it was GREAT having Pat here working alongside me and helping me to think more deeply about how we will put our new learnings into practice in our social studies classes. We've even been inspired to share our learning(s) with our graduate students and will meet with them in early-to-mid July for a three-hour workshop, which will be led by a former social studies colleague.

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