Transformation and Thanks!

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What a week this has been! As our Explore Trek week comes to a close, I don't know where to begin my reflection. Perhaps where I started the week would be best...I came into the week anxious about technology and unsure about what tools existed besides powerpoint and you tube. However, I leave with a whole new outlook; I am truly transformed. I am excited by the endless possibilities for incorporating technology into my class, energized by all of the amazing people I met, and enthuised for implementing my project this fall! I absolutely cannot wait to see where this week leads!

Thank you everyone for making this week such a great experience on so many levels! As the lone graduate student Treker I was uneasy about how I would fit in. Immediately, I was embraced by all of you, and it meant so much! The tools I've learned about and the relationships made are something I will never forget. Thank you all!

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