Voices: Various Students & Cassie

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Today's student panel had its moments ... though fleeting. Of greatest interest for me was the idea of moving to grading papers on-line. I will certainly try this for various assignments in the semesters to come. Also interesting was the idea that students want their professors to be comfortable with whatever technology they use. For me this means, "Don't try too much too fast, J.B.!" I also heard loudly and clearly that students want some separation from us on Twitter and Facebook. Don't assume that they want to use these Web 2.0 tools in a classroom space.

The BEST part of the day was Cassie's presentation on the barriers to technology integration AND how to overcome (some) of them. In particular, I appreciate her message that technology evokes emotional responses from people and that this is normal. I'm not the FREAK I thought I was!! At any rate, her presentation helps my confidence and offered strategies to overcome some of the anxiety I may feel now and in the future.

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