Yea! Learned more Moodle potential!

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I will be developing a Moodle site for FSoS 8001 for the fall and also use Moodle for an asynchronous Extension course on retirement saving/investing for 20 and 30-year olds. So today was great because I learned some basics about the course management program, Moodle. I learned its possibilities so that now I can think more about how to utilize some of the features in the course. Since I have a lot of content to develop for the course, I may not be able to utilize all the features I learned about today, but then I can add features later if I know that potential.

It appears that there is much work to get the course set up in Moodle, but then you can tweak it or further develop it from there. For example, I might not have the time to use the grading function this year, but that might be the goal for another year. I have also learned a couple of options to use with the discussion groups that I want to incorporate so that these groups can function on-line outside of the classroom discussions that will occur.

I am not just learning about technology in this class, but also learning about all kinds of teaching ideas techniques, problem-solving possibilities, ideas that I had not even thought about yet since I am at the beginning stages of preparation for rethinking and developing this course. I appreciate the willingness of everyone to share their work.

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