day 2: two cowboys

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Will (cowboy and John's companion): I reckon these tools'll help you get er done then?
John (cowboy and educator): I reckon.
Will: What's worryin' ya, John?
John: Just a feelin'. I'll be givin' this moodle contraption a bit a work, on a basic sorta level. Maybe use the forum against the grain, so to speak, as an in-class way for my student groups to stake out a position on the issues, in that back-n-forth I try to get workin' between smaller and larger publics. Y'know, that critical pragmertist commitment to an engaged plurelism and testing of ideas and values, out of which agony might arise not just critercism, but maybe even creation, bringing something new into the universe . . . . but . . .
Will: What the hell, John. Yer not usually one to be all high and cautious with yer words.
John: 'Tain't easy to articulate, Will. Remember that lovely valley we rode into last week, the one with . . .
Will: Yeah, that was purty . . . expansive-like.
John: Remember that discourse we worried along, 'bout how it had this nat'ral beauty but that it also, most evidently, evinced the very hand and sweat of human beings? There was some sheperding of the environment there. . . . not by any goddam shepherds, but you know what I mean.
Will: I follow yer John.
John: What if a classroom is like that valley, Will, and yer one of them that's tending that valley, and you've figured out a way to have it be beautiful 'n' productive 'n' welcoming 'n' all. And then this extension agent has some ideas about how you could make it more productive and, well, yer just afraid, Will. Yer afraid.
Will: You seem purty sure of yerself there John. So yer classroom's a beautiful valley, eh? Some sort of human-made garden of eden.
John: You asked what was worryin' me, Will.
Will: Indeed I did.

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