Day 3

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It is amazing to get just a glimpse of all of the technology tools that are available. Some are of little interest to me, though seeing all of them makes me aware of the possibilities and capabilities that are around and supported,and helps me to be more informed about ways my colleagues are working with students.

Yesterday I liked the intro to 2.0 as it provided a good framework for thinking about the Internet world that our students (and we) are living in. It seems an incredibly complex task to think critically about the possibilities and responsibilities that arise from this.

The copyright presentation was very helpful .... I appreciated the librarian's level of expertise in an area that is vague and complicated to me.

I am very, very hopeful that OIT will come through with mBook, as this app would make the project that I want students to engage in really easy and self-contained within the iPad. Oh, how nice that would be!

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