Monday (Day 4)

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It was nice to have time today to focus concretely on developing project plans, and have a chance to talk through some aspects of a project with peers and IT fellows. A space and structure for facilitating discussion, workshop of, or review of project ideas/drafts is really useful and worthwhile. I hope that tomorrow's "presentations" can continue to build or develop that discussion/process. I am really looking forward to hearing about what other people are planning. I would echo what Dave said the first day of this Trek: that connecting with other instructors from around the college has been one of the most rewarding parts of this experience.

All of the IT fellows and Explore participants have been extremely generous with their time and ideas and I am very grateful for this. I know I have created a bit of a puzzle that has demanded a lot of thought on the part of many -- especially Angela: thank you! I also appreciate (in addition to the great technology support) questions or criticisms that might push me to see and consider my project and assignments in ways that I am not able to on my own.

I am excited to have an assignment in development for my FYI course in the fall that I think/hope will make use of technology (the ipad2 and moodle) in a very purposeful and effective way. Even if my project doesn't work as I think it will (and I'm sure it won't) I will have engaged technology in a very new way -- using it to do something I am excited about.

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