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I appreciated the opportunity to think more about how technology is a tool to use in education, and the importance of questioning the use of technology--there should be a clear educational objective for having students learn how to use different technologies. For instance, when our small group was meeting in the atrium yesterday, a CEHD grad student joined our discussion and told us, "There should be meaningful reasons as to why technologies are used in courses. I don't need to know how to make a crossword puzzle." She made a good point--there has to be a clear learning objective/rationale for students to learn how to employ a technology in a class project/presentation/paper.

Watching the Web 2.0 video this morning was a good trigger to get me to think about the ways technologies are utilized in my speech classes. In fact, I suggest that others consider this alternative way to consider Web 2.0--I found this YouTube video by CorytheRaven to be insightful.


Treks 2010 Video:

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Here's the video produced by ATS that features faculty who participated in Treks 2010.

This link will allow you to download the video file: