2011 Cohort

Alexandre Ardichvili
Leon Hsu
Hee Yun Lee
Ross VeLure Roholt
Kathy Seifert
Jerome A Stein
Matt Vollum
Terry Wyberg


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I enjoyed the learning from today. I am always surprised when what I think is actually not what is. Before the UMConnect presentation, I had an idea of using some synchronous online times with my classes. After the presentation, I am now going to leave it as asynchronous. I just felt as if people get lost in the chat and don't feel free to put their thoughts or questions out there. I will have to rethink some of my ideas.

I am also excited to use some of the tools with my content. I look forward to finding more powerful and attractive ways for my content to be given online. It is VERY VALUABLE that we have this week blocked off to be able to try things and to put it to use with our specific content. Time is a tough thing to manage and prevents some of the ideas I want to try and this week will allow me to get to those ideas I have.

I was interested in learning more about the latest developments in synchronous learning, to see what has changes and what I may be missing. I have used sych sessions in the past (when I was teaching in a fully online program, we had weekly sych sessions in each class), but I have not used this method in my teaching at the UMN. My conclusion after today's presentations and discussions is that I will not attempt to add synch sessions to my hybrid courses here: the benefits don't seem to justify the cost.

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