A lot to think about

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Today certainly gave me a lot to think about in terms of course design. I had heard a lot about course design principles and such previously, but always in terms of the design of a face to face course. It will take me some time to digest this information in the context of online learning and to figure out how it applies here.

I think a great tool that should be integrated into UMConnect is some kind of speech recognition system. Having to type, especially long replies, is a real drag when it comes to online discussions. I'd probably be more participatory if I could just talk and the words would show up.

Another thing I think I need to think about more carefully is what are the different expectations that students bring to an online course as opposed to a F2F course? We know that the way that student frame the activities in a F2F course affects what they learn and how much they learn in a F2F course. For an online course then, what do students expect to get out of the different activities? What do they think the point is? What do they think they're supposed to do? All questions I'll have to think about in the design of a course.

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