Fruitful Day

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The information was very valuable for me today. I have thought of new ways to create assignments using Camtasia...and maybe not what it was really designed for but in a way that will benefit my students (I hope!). I also appreciated the time with the fellows to ask questions..I got some troubleshooting done which will enhance the marketing of my program and also will be useful as I revise and/or create assignments.

The copyright presentation was very eye opening to me. It was nice to actually hear from an expert on this issue. It has always been an unknown to me and though I was always cognizant of copyright issues, I never really knew if what I was doing was within the copyright law. I am not sure I have more answers now, but I do feel better educated about it.

I hope to begin to revise my current hybrid program and begin to develop my new online/hybrid courses in the last three days using some of the technology from the conference and these past two days (and more as I am exposed to it).

Great day!

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