Moving Towards a Doable Project

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The number of tools available to support presenting content online was incredible. It was wonderful to gain a sense of the possibilities of what can be done and begin to work towards my goal of creating a rich learning opportunity for distant students.

I am continually going back and forth between listening to the content being presented and also thinking about how and if it supports the type of learning experience I want to create online.

I am still questioning whether learning is a focus on content or if it involves more than this? Over the last two days the focus of the discussion has tended to emphasize content. In my field, it is not only about content and content mastery but also perspective shifting and opening up different ways of orienting towards the world, other people, especially young people.

I do believe that this can occur in an online environment and these concerns relate more to my longer term project of creating a fully online course rather than the hybrid course, but it still remains how to translate these into online.

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