My muddled mind

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My thoughts and plans since beginning this program have been changing and I'm not entirely sure where I'll end up. One thought I have right now is to be able to make quick screencasts that incorporate the drawing of pictures and the writing of equations. These could be used to supplement a F2F physics class by providing some quick tutorials that students who are confused about a certain point could access. They could also be used in a similar way to supplement an online class. One of the big obstacles in my mind to setting up something like this is finding a good tool with which I can draw semi-decent freehand pictures. I would be terrible with a mouse, a trackpad, or a ball, so I think some kind of pen-using-tablet input might work. I know that other people out there have done similar things, so it's just a matter of finding the right combination of hardware and software to accomplish this.

In terms of a step after that, I think it might be neat so have such an input device that could be used remotely from the computer. I could use it in lecture while walking around the room and not be confined to the space in front of the board. Sort of a remote smartboard. Naturally, everything could be captured and stored for later. Any ideas about that?

Oh, and another idea. Sound recording of lectures can be poor with a laptop's built in microphone. Are there relatively cheap remote microphones that can be connected through USB or something like that?

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