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Before the Madison conference, I wasn't sure at all about what I wanted my course(s) to look like. After the Madison conference, I had a better framework of how I really want to structure my courses. I've decided on incorporating a blended model into the courses that I teach here on the Twin Cities campus. Since I act as adviser to most of my students, I still think it's important to be physically present in class and build a relationship with them even if they don't think so. However, there are so many great tools out there that I feel it is necessary to begin to trickle them into my courses in order to make the content better. There is one course that I deliver to U of M Crookston that is entirely on-line, and I feel that developing that course is moreof an immediate need. Throughout the day today, I created a list of the tools I want to incorporate in my on-line course for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching/learning. I also suspect that much of what I develop for the full blown on-line course for U of M Crookston can be implemented in my other courses as well. I'm looking forward to work time. When ideas pop in my head, I feel the need to get going.

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I find presentations like Pete's to be very helpful: a series of demonstrations (versus only learning theory.

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