Thank you all!

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This program was outstanding! A good summary was provided by my wife, when I brought home and showed her my Transform group picture. She said: "Looks like you were surrounded by very nice people and had a lot of fun!" I would add: "and learned a lot as well". I wanted to share one other thing: at the Madison conference I met some of my former students, who now are leaders in the learning technology field at the U of Illinois. They told me that they are looking up to the U of MN as a model of how faculty's learning technology-related efforts should be supported. I was surprised to hear this, because my recollection of the UIUC was that they always were on the cutting edge in computer science and learning technology. But now I agree: UIUC or other universities, known to me, don't have anything as good as TREKS. I hope the college will continue to support this excellent program in the future.

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