demonstration D2 -

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I thought the demonstration on social networking was interesting. The presenter took us through his various tools for communcating with students, including things like sending blast messages to cell phones, connectons to his gmail calendar, etc. In many ways I think all of the tools that he demonstrated were tools available to us via Web Vista and now moodle.

The interesting part was the discussion from the people who were there for the demonstration. They raised many of the same issues and questions that we raised on Monday at the beginning of our trek. There were lots of good ideas about controlling "class creep," or the tendency of the class now to be taught 7 days a week rather than once or twice.

During the break there was an interesting demonstration from someone who works with Public Health at the U. This was a class on environmental health and the class has been built through combining a series of guest lectures. They record a lecture and then use this lecture for a number of years. Every year they replace a couple of lectures, and they figure the cost of adding a lecture to be approximately 2,000. They intersperse little self-quizzes through the lectures, and have fround that students like the self quizzes approximately every 20-30 minutes, rather than more often. A draw back is that the questions can't usually be discussion questions. Interactivity comes through discussion of the learning after students have recorded their answers to the self-quiz.

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