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I have been gratified by the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary conference of various actual and potential communities of learning through the Madison conference. I was exposed to technological and pedagogical possibilities that have broadened my perspective about the potentials for using technology to achieve pedagogical goals.I am thinking a lot about ways to stimulate communities of learning, create a supportive instructional presence, be humble and collaborative in experimentation with students about how to help them learn. I have thought about communities of learning I have been a part of and experienced one on Wednesday night when I was invited to join a group of Madison friends for a picnic meal and listening to music from Russian composers at the concert on the park series at the capitol. It was clear that my little group and many others gathered on their blankets had their own rituals and roles, leadership, and expectations for creating an enjoyable learning experience. I have been part of a couple of writing groups that have lasted over 10 years each with similar connections to roles, expectations, feedback, inherent enjoyment of learning. I now have a different framework for thinking about student learning in groups. Now comes the harder part about designing feasible objectives given the time and resources for advancing student learning. See you all on Monday to get further started!

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