Privacy issues and adobe presenter

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I really liked the content we had yesterday. The stuff on privacy and permission issues was excellent! At the end, someone noted that the take away message seems to be "it depends." A good summary.

I was excited about the Adobe presenter stuff and am eager to try that technology. As I think over my entire project I am re-thinking what I had planned. I think Presenter would work very well with some of what I'm planning to put online.

I had intended to work with some of the most interactive modules in my class to put those into an online delivery format. I'm now thinking that those are aspects of my class that work quite well in the classroom and to convert them to online delivery would take extensive planning. I think I'll begin with a couple of modules in which the students are less active and less interactive.

I would like to put some of the videos that I show in class into media mill and then have the students access them on their own, rather than using class time (I'm short-changed by about 6 hours because I teach in the fall semester so feel justified in asking students to see films outside of class time). That's something I will explore with Pete today.

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