Scaffolding wiki-based collaborative learning

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This session was interesting but the title ended up being a bit misleading. The session addressed an instructor's use of wikis within a course and conducted a survey to assess the student's usage and perceptions of using the wiki as a collaborative tool. Unfortunately the results of her study did not support using a wiki in this way and students either suggested other tools to use instead or they ended up meeting in person.

This has really make me think about how important the design of a hybrid course is and that if students have an opportunity to conduct their group work in-person and complete it faster than doing it online... then what happens? I'm considering informing my students of the online work deadlines in the course syllabus but NOT putting in the assignment specifics. Instead I would post the instructions online after the face-to-face session. I'd love to talk about this next week and see what others are thinking about this topic too.


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