Surfing the Google Wave

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This workshop was an introduction to Google Wave, a fairly new collaborative collection of tools that are exciting to find out about. In order to use it as a creator or participant, you need a google account. Since the U of MN is now using Google, I just typed in my email address and password which worked although I had to create a different user name for google wave.

Basically, the user creates a wave and invites others to join in. Each participant can view the wave in real time and see changes that each person makes.

There are a multitude of extensions and bots that are both Google and 3rd party created. Some we were introduced to in the workshop were a bot that translates text immediately into 50 different languages, an extension that quickly adds any uTube video to a wave, a voice recorder to leave up to 10 minutes of voice message for anyone to listen to. There are hundreds of these that can be added and used.

Since this is a new application it is changing all the time, but I think it would be a good tool to explore for online teaching.

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