WebConferencing for Veterinary CE

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This was an interesting session on a continuing ed program for vets. The two presenters from Texas A&M ran this CE program essentially as a grand rounds for vets focusing specifically on feline health. Okay - not the focus of CEHD, but still, an interesting presentation.

These guys developed 10 sessions of 2-hours each, where they discussed interesting feline cases with widely dispersed DVSs across Texas. There were 20 participants in real time, but participants were able to participate from their home or wherever they had an Internet connection. Most of the participants completed the course.

Some of the positive feedback that they received included appreciation from the participants to be able access the library; receive case study materials; liked guest speakers very much.

Maybe people in the College are already doing this, but it seems to me that this would be a great area for growth for continuing education. Many of the programs in the College require ongoing CE to maintain licensure, and I wonder if there might be comparable cases that we might be able to use in delivering online CE. Presenting a case, giving some brief overview of current best practice and literature, and then working the case with a variety of practitioners could be an interesting way for different licensed professionals to get CEs. Could also be a way to maintain more active contact with alums.

Some down sides: they thought they were almost at their maximum with 20 participants. They couldn't do it with more than 30. It took the presenters/designers about 20 hours to lean the technical program, and even then they didn't feel completely comfortable with the technology until several weeks into the class.

Some strengths: the participants stayed in the program; promoted connections among individuals who lived in more remote communities, and also facilitated resource access for those students by giving access to the library; outcome measures from the participants indicated growth in knowledge, comfort in using the technology, greater confidence in discussing difficult cases with other vets and less inihibition in seeking consultation on difficult cases.

An interesting example of using technology for continuing educaiton.

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