wish I could see . . .

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all of the things you will be presenting today. I'm not going to be joining you today, but I wish that I could be there to see all of the wonderful things that you are doing. I have been so inspired over the course of the week hearing about the many creative ways you all engage your students in your teaching. I'm excited to about the possibilities ahead.

A huge thank you to Dave, Michelle and Caroline, and to all of the IT Fellows, Yelena, Pete, and everyone else who were on hand to help all week long. I don't who summonded Donovan for me to upload some things on my computer at a very opportune time. I was not even finished putting my message in the Coconut when he was at my elbow to get me fixed up and back on the road. So thanks to Donovan too!

Sorry to not be there for your live presentations, but Dave tells me they will be recorded so I hope to see them. Sorry as well not to make the Kitty Kat Klub, but always up for a raincheck!

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