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Moving forward in Moodle

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As I indicated on our last day, I am trying to implement as much as I can in my first-year course this semester so that i do not forget how to do things between now and when I can carve out some time to work on my spring hybrid grad course. My first goal was to switch from WebVista to Moodle, and I am pleased to report that I have achieved this goal, and for once I was showing my new GTA how to do some things rather than vice versa. In Madison I had spent the first afternoon in a 3-hour workshop in a computer lab on the UW campus learning about Moodle and SoftChalk. Although it did not take long for me to realize that SoftChalk is out of my budget range (and is not supported by the U), the intro to SoftChalk still provided some insights for organizing the course Moodle site. I have not as yet included everything on the site that I might with more time, but at least I am providing these first-year students with an opportunity to learn how to use Moodle.