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Hump Day

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I think I am over the hump :). In the past several days I have been overwhelmed, excited, frightened, motivated......I am sure you know the emotions. I just wanted to gather all the knowledge and the options from each of the tools presented and USE THEM IMMEDIATELY in EVERY CLASS.
I am over that hump and back to trying to formulate a plan that meets the objectives of the course and is manageable for someone with my skill set. I am back to moodle, media mill and (if I stretch) class capture. Still not bad for a couple weeks learning.

Wow! I have always appreciated his work and now even more so. I will add his content to my WHRE 5001 course--maybe I can get the video of his presentation to post on-line! What I greatly appreciated was that he positioned his presentation explicitly to his audience. I could not help but think that as TREK participants we comprise a community of practice and that the knowledge that will collectively be created will come from our expertise (competence) and experience. This presentation made me even more committed to becoming more technologically capable.

Best of conference info sessions! Some examples: students must identify to which course objective(s) [identified at the beginning in the syllabus] their project is directed; project may be a newsletter, video, etc; this speaker used Discussion Boards. Exams must include not only the tech project but also readings and instructor "lectures"--I got the impression from the other sessions I attended that only projects comprised the3 basis for grading.

Kathy Hayden - award recipient. By far the most informative session!

Highlights and Ideas: - list of Standards for a Quality On-line Course

Important elements for an on-line course:
Ice-breakers and group discussion
Interactions and communications with the instructor and other learners.
Quality of instructor's responses to discussion (instructor posts to show presence but not to drive interactions)

Discussion Guidelines should be posted: The learner should: expand on the idea, give an example or give a different perspective. (no "ditto" responses)
Learner Centered Book suggestions:

"A Whole New Child" "Disruptive Class"

At this point she started listing free programs from Go2Web20 and showed examples and uses for the following list of tools:
Tapped In - chat community and group work platform avatar
glogster - a storyboard/poster creation
poll everywhere - an "every student response" tool using cell phones and texting
Fotolia = graphics (3 free/day for a week)
Audacity or Ccast or Voicethread = podcasts
Her website is for more ideas and resources

This presentation demonstrated useful models of student work in multi-media presentations. It led to useful discussion about realistic expectations for media savvy skills for students in our courses. We concluded that the media skills may be more essential for such fields as advertising. If we only feature it in one course, we not be able to establish high proficiency requirements. Much of the discussion was then about rubrics, ways to assess such projects. The presenters shared several useful sites to orienting students to accessing media programs to assist them in making their presentations.

First Session

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The first session was great. We discussed many issues from ping pong to communal living. We are looking forward to more technology discussions. . . especially technology for minimizing the effects of mosquito bites.