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I found this to be a really interesting approach to preparing students for learning through an online learning environment. The presenter described a 1 credit online course that is required of all students prior to their enrollement in any other online courses. The purpose of the introductory course is to teach students how to use the various features and learning tools that instructors will be relying on throughout the program (which is entirely online). This includes things like setting up their user profile, how to view and print class reading materials, how to post to a discussion, how to upload assignments, and how to monitor their grades. Seemed like an easy to put together and really helpful approach to preparing students for online learning so their time is spent learning the content rather than learning the technology associated with the online class.

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Dr. White had clever videos to make his points essentially arguing that presentations need to be interesting, meaningful, motivating, memorable to be effective; he told stories effectively to make his points.