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I apparently forgot about some of the sessions I attended. This was a research-based presentation that focused on different types of scaffolding. What I took away from it was that regardless of what types of formal scaffolding you build into your assignments, etc., what students value is the one-on-one feedback provided in a timely manner as they progress. But that does not mean that the formal built-in scaffolding is not important!

This lightning session offered a couple of interesting tools for giving students feedback. Ubernote appeared to be a favorite for sharing documents, providing feedback, and creation of online rubrics for grading. This application looks similar in some ways to google docs for making documents available for multiple people to work on them. Dr. Shari McCurdy Smith discussed use of Ubernote for tracking progress, checking the history of file editing for any given document to evaluate individual student's contributions within a shared docuemnt, and creating rubrics that are readily available to students to use when creating their own work. She also referenced My Note It (for online note taking and easy sharing).