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Beauty on the River

For the previous blog, I took a picture of the Mississippi River featuring the Minneapolis skyline in the background. When I learned that we had to take another photo of water for this blog, i realized that I wanted to take a picture of the river again, but with a shot that didn't feature the skyline. With that in mind, I decided to take a photo looking at the east bank of the University of Minnesota from the pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi. The photo that I chose for this blog made an impact on me in two different ways. The first way, is that it shows the natural beauty of the city before it became urbanized. In other words, the trees hanging off the side of the bluff that the campus sits and over the Mississippi, show what the Twin Cities looked like before humans had an impact on the area. The other effect that the shot had on me was that it reminded me of a state park in Illinois called Starved Rock. The park lies along the Illinois River, and it looks very similar to that of what is shown in the photo. This just amazes me that there is a place in a major metropolitan area that retained its natural beauty and looks like a state park located in rural Illinois.Miss River.PNGMiss River.PNG

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