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Recently in OLPD

Efforts for this project include the development of an online learning environment that allow and promote collaboration between three field sites in the Dominican Republic, Tanzania and the United States. The related course will be collaboratively taught by Prof. Vavrus at CEHD and Prof. Bartlett at TC, Columbia University.

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Evaluationland, USA

In this project an interactive computer-based problem-solving game will be designed and developed to enable students to learn the principles of evaluating collaboratively, developing evaluation-related competencies, and applying and testing knowledge as it is gained.

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Layers of Learning Modules

This effort involves constructing a multidisciplinary library of Layers of Learning Modules (LLM) from different specialty and knowledge areas at the college. The LLMs are unique tools to support academic and lifelong learning. At this point the LLM library includes 6 strands: School Finance and Budget, School Safety, Community Education, Special Education, and the Future of Education, with more than with more than 30 layers( experts' insight presentation with supportign documents) that can be mixed and matched to achieve personal learngin goals and needs.

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