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Equipment roundup!

During this past fall semester, our department secured some new equipment dedicated to expanding the technological possibilities within the College of Education & Human Development (CEHD). The college recognized that video has been getting used more and more as a teaching tool, especially with increasing options available via the internet, and decided that it was time to allocate some resources to secure video equipment for the production of material to be used for teaching and learning.

To that end we have purchased a very high-quality video camera package from Sony including a high-definition camcorder and accessories in order to be able to produce professional grade, high quality video to support the needs of the faculty of CEHD. We now have the ability to shoot, edit, and distribute video material at potentially broadcast quality, and we are working on developing some new tools incorporating this video content to further engage students and learners.

We also have a small space available to us in the Vocational-Technical Education building (St. Paul campus) to use as a shooting studio for smaller-sized productions where we need a quiet, controlled environment. The studio is equipped with lighting and a small green screen in order to utilize the video medium to its fullest extent.

Plenty of departments within CEHD have already been taking advantage of video to augment their courses, whether it be online (Web CT or Moodle) or physical materials (CD, DVD). Examples include Curriculum and Instruction (CI 5938), Kinesiology (REC 5631), Education and Human Development (EdHD 5003 and EdHD 5009), and Work and Human Resource Education (WHRE 5101). We are also available to organizations within the college such as CEED (Center for Early Educational Development) and the TEC (Teacher Education Council), who has used us to record lectures and panel discussions to be shared with both the educational community and the general public via a web based media server.

We invite and encourage more of our faculty to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this powerful teaching tool to augment their teaching materials. We will gladly help you to develop customized tools that incorporate video for your specific needs, including web-based rich media, interactive gaming and testing, documentation and research, and the archiving of college-sponsored events. And that’s not all! Did somebody say, “vodcast??

My name is Pete McCauley and I am the Video and Media Specialist here in the Academic Technology Services office. If you have any questions about the possibility of using video for your teaching purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me at petem@umn.edu or call me at 612-626-5678. Thanks!