Supporting CEHD's Growing Use of Video

Interesting | April 23, 2010 10:05 PM


Whether it's capturing lectures for review after class, providing students with supplemental class materials, or assigning students video or audio assignments - multimedia is hotter than ever. Good news! At CEHD Academic Technology Services (ATS) we're now offering new ways to support the college's growing multimedia needs.

Check Out Video and/or Audio Equipment

ATS now has video and audio recording equipment available for checkout by the academic community of CEHD! The equipment is available to instructors as well as graduate students and staff that support instruction within CEHD. For  information about specific equipment available for loan, please contact Pete at

Request Video Assistance

You can now directly request many video services from CEHD Academic Technology Services with the Coconut at .

If you want:

  • digitization of analog audio or video
  • duplication of audio, video, or DVD content
  • loaner audio or video equipment for recording a class or event
  • assistance operating recording equipment for a class or event
  • support in creating podcasts or video feeds or,
  • ecommendations for purchasing video equipment for classroom use,

simply enter your service request into the Coconut and the Academic Technology team will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Using the Coconut helps us manage the high volume of service requests we receive specifically for video services and allows us to serve you faster!

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