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Car Owners Fined for Unattended Running Vehicles

Summed up by: Rachele Cermak

A Minneapolis city ordinance makes it illegal for a car owner to leave a vehicle running unattended. The fine for violating the ordinance is $34. Hopefully, it will teach people to watch their property better and decrease the amount of car theft.

If a car is stolen and the accused have the keys then police can't prosecute. The best path is to buy a remote car starting which doesn't allow the car to be driven unless the keys are in the ignition. Even if the doors are locked with it running, the theft can break the window still gaining possession of the keys.

If the car is stolen it can be expensive. For one, you will likely be ticketed for open ignition and if the car is stolen in Minneapolis. It could be involved in an accident. Possibly it could be stripped of its parts and never returned. All these things add up to higher insurance rates.