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Protect Your Wireless Connection

By: Rachele Cermak

Wireless home networks are becoming more common. So common that in the city a laptop computer user with a wireless internet card could find multiple unprotected connections. Wardriving is a practice where people drive around neighborhoods specifically looking for open connections to hijack and steal information stored on the network.

There are ways to protect yourself whether you're a MAC user or PC with windows.

By opening a new brower window and typing IP address of the EBR/WBR series router, usually something like, you're able to view the administrative page which is where the activity log is found. Each router manufacturer has a help site to walk you through the set-up. D-Link's webpage is a good example.

Requiring log-in to your network stops most people from jumping on your connection but firewalls and encrypting data transfers are also precautionary steps people can set-up to further protect the valuble information stored on personal computers.